Multi-Task Learning with Deep Neural Networks

A baby learns general motor skills while learning to walk, augments, and uses later in life to perform more complex tasks such as playing soccer

What is Multi-Task Learning?

What does the paper focus on?

Expanded Multi-Task Learning Methods

What are different Multi-Task Learning Architectures?

Multi-Task Architectures

Task Domain Architectures

Architecture for TCDCN (Zhang et al., 2014)
The network architecture of (Liu et al., 2015)

Multi-Modal Architectures

OmniNet architecture proposed in (Pramanik et al., 2019)

Learned Architectures

Branched sharing architecture proposed in (Lu et al., 2017)
AdaShare is a modular sharing scheme proposed by (Sun et al., 2019)

Conditional Architectures

Example Neural Module Network execution (Andreas et al., 2016)

What are different Multi-Task Optimization methods?

Multi-Task Optimization Methods

Loss Weighting

Kendal et. al., 2017

Task Scheduling

Task scheduling visualization from (Sharma et al., 2017)

Gradient Modulation

Multi-task GREAT model (Sinha et al., 2018)

Knowledge Distillation

Two architectures from the Distral framework for RL (Teh et al., 2017)

What is Multi-Task Relationship Learning?

Multi-Task Relationship Learning

Grouping Tasks

An example partitioning of a group of tasks into clusters with positive transfer (Standley et al., 2019)

Transfer Relationship Learning

Task taxonomies for a collection of computer vision tasks as computed in Taskonomy (Zamir et al., 2018)

What are different Multi-Task Benchmarks?

Computer Vision Benchmarks

Natural Language Processing Benchmarks

Reinforcement Learning Benchmarks

Multi-Modal Benchmarks





Seasoned R&D EDA, Data Science Enthusiast, Cultural Explorer

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Abhishek Bais

Abhishek Bais

Seasoned R&D EDA, Data Science Enthusiast, Cultural Explorer

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